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Fist Bump Birth offers.....

The benefits of consuming one's placenta are well-documented. Increased milk supply, good source of iron to build back the blood, better mood (combatting the baby blues) and greater energy are the main ones.

The service includes: 

  • ​Collection of placenta​

  • Placenta print on water colour paper

  • Cord keepsake

  • Placenta pills (110 + depending on size and preparation)

  • Return placenta pills


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As a birth witness of 5 years, a reluctant former student midwife and mother of twin boys (freebirthed at home) I know a fair bit about pregnancy, birth and labour & the early days of parenting. If I don't know about it I can definitely signpost you to an individual or organisation who does.

As a birth celebrant I have discovered that advocating for your rights has to be conducted collaboratively as a mother is the only one who is truly in charge of her bodily autonomy and her informed consent. The power hour can help you get your thoughts and arguments in order so that you are better equipped to decline elements of your care and challenge non-evidence -based or undesirable treatments/interventions. 

Basically, it's your power hour and everybody's circumstances will be different so you can very much direct the content and nature of our convo

POWER Hour is £20

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As a freebirth supporter and freebirth momma myself I know the quandry that it is to trust that everything will go smoothly in your labour and to not want outsiders in the birth space but to also want the added layer of security and peace of mind of knowing that a knowledgeable and known person is aware of your birthing plans and is supporting you, albeit from a distance.

Thus I conjured up the Birth Virtual Attendant (I fancy myself as a bit of a white witch 🧙‍♀️ )

With this offering I will simply be (waiting) at the end of a phone 📱 SHOULD YOU FEEL YOU NEED ME during your birth, to secure me all you need to do is provide your estimated due window. If you don't end up needing me that's dandy and no money need exchange hands, if you turn out to need ascertain whether your waters have offer some positioning reassure you about delivery of placenta or to advise about whether you feel you ought to transfer in to the hospital or any of the myriad sticky moments of your labour and delivery I'll be at the end of a zoom/Whatsapp/FaceTime.....


£15 per hour or partial hour on the phone 

They say that Knowledge is Power so this comprehensive 4-week prenatal education course will leave you ready to enter the birth space like a Warrior! 

The course covers hormones of labour, the mechanics of birth, the role of birth partner (should you choose to invite someone in) and relaxation techniques to support your nervous system during the intense sensations of labour.

You can invite your birth partner to the 4 sessions, it is delivered over 4 x 2 hr sessions (in-person or via zoom) and the investment is


£333 for up to 2 participants

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