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Sex and orgasms in the first trimester

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

I have felt incredibly horny, on and off, throughout my first trimester and after masturbation and the resultant climax I can feel more sensation and presence in my womb than in the wee hours of the morning I got to tapping "when I have an orgasm in early pregnancy I seem to feel my baby more" into a search engine. Unfortunately, the search engine was a mainstream one and only the usual suspects turned up (healthline and Daily Mirror - not worth reading) so I decided to write this blog in the hopes that other mums might find it in a bleary-eyed 4am search.

Full disclosure....I'm single so the sex mentioned in the title of this blog is purely hypothetical but the self-administered orgasms are real so I'll start there. After waking at 3:54am for absolutely no reason at the way that many women in early pregnancy do. I exhausted all interest in the Telegram channels I have joined to challenge the imminent vaccine mandate and started pondering why I suddenly don't feel pregnant anymore. I guess I should have been grateful (no more nausea) but it was also a bit disconcerting. As I so often have in the past I decided to self-cultivate to comfort myself. It sometimes had the secondary benefit of making me sleepy and it took but a few minutes.

"As I so often have in the past I decided to self-cultivate to comfort myself"

I had also begun to use self-satisfaction as a way to communicate with the coin-sized baby human being I was growing. Kind of a polite, friendly prod that said

"I'm here, are you there? Hope it's okay in there and you don't want for anything, i care about making your stay more comfortable. I'm sorry if the lack of sleep is hard on you, Forgive me if I'm not eating right. I love you, thanks"

After my climax as I reclined in the aftermath, hoping and waiting for sleep to come, parts of my uterus hardened and swelled. It was so absorbing - there was no pain or discomfort. I breathed shallow trying to hear (or sense in some additional way) what was going on? Was this wind? Was it the increased blood supply to that area? Was it babber being stimulated by the focus and activity in that area? Had they somehow understood the questions and the reassurances my giving my self (and subsequently them) pleasure was meant to convey?

At 11 weeks I shouldn't be able to feel baby as such.....

but maybe these weren't movements or maybe I wasn't "feeling" in a traditional sense. A birthy website i love is ( and it's because it gives a spiritual leaning to an event that has been overrun and desecrated by technology, gadgets and measurements: the accoutrements of the hospital, the obstetrician and the system.

So it doesn't matter that it could have been wind and i couldn't confidently discern whether the sensations were "felt" in my bladder or my abdomen or my womb. What matters is that in the quiet darkness I comforted and was comforted by my baby and my skin and breasts and yoni. What mattered is that during the short time that she seemed to squirm and bridle within me she felt less like a 10-pence-piece and more like a daughter.

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