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Fierce Doula Package

The Fierce Doula Package is for women and birthing people who don't necessarily need loads of advocacy and education. 

Maybe this ain't your first rodeo and having done it once (or multiple times) you know what you want, your rights and might just need support to claim them. Or maybe it is your first rodeo but you're just naturally assertive (bossy according to a misogynistic society) and a bit of a bad b*tch (lucky you!) 

You just need to be worshipped in all your birthing Goddess Glory....brought tea, healthy whole foods, massaged, encouraged and given the space to let the Feminine Divinity unfold.... 

What the Fierce Doula Package includes:
  • 4 x Pregnancy sessions of your choice (options include errand-run, fridge-fill, cooked food, head massage to eradicate self-limiting beliefs, birth space design/prep, pet/baby sit, light house clean, guided work-out, wild woodland walk, your own suggestion)

  • Presence at your birth - this is where a doula really comes into her own as the benefits of a continuous, knowledgable companion throughout birthing are ten-fold. Read about them here.

  • 2 x Post birth help appointments (options include birth debrief, journalling, pet/baby sit, cooked food, light house clean, wild woodland walk, head massage to eradicate self-limiting beliefs, breastfeeding support, errand-run, fridge-fill)

Cost: I don't take any payment until your birth is complete to ensure that you are happy with my offering and contribution. I will accept a cash gift of £800 or more once your labour and birth is over. 

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