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About fistbumpbirth founder,

Reign Lawrence

Reign trained as a doula in 2017, then an International Placenta Encapsulation Network specialist and Association of Breastfeeding Mothers supporter. She began a BSc in Midwifery with registration as a midwife in 2019. She had previously suspected that all was not well in maternity services from the high rate of caesarean sections and the constant refrain from women that they'd "not been allowed" birth at use the birth be in an upright position.


This troubled her. And what she saw as a student midwife, working in antenatal clinics and obstetric units saddened and enraged her. She chose to return to her roots as a traditional birth attendant - a birth CELEBRANT - a role more faithful to the traditional midwifery of old - educated waiting....patient...... hands-off. Intelligent tea-drinking.

In 2022 she free-birthed her "undiagnosed" twins at home entirely alone to avoid a medical system that tyrannises and infantilises and which had been clear they could not and would not provide the type and level of care she desired. She had always known that birth can be uncomplicated when left undisturbed by intervention and observation. She hopes to embolden more women to choose this wilder, radically responsible approach to birth, parenting, life, wellness and death.


 Sovereign Birth Course

£333 per birth team - or insta @fist_bump_birth for details


Fist Bump Birth Sovereign Birth Course Contents

How labour begins

How the womb works

Why is labour sometimes painful?

Hormones of pregnancy and labour



Release and let go techniques

Positive birth videos


The birthing environment

Dream Birthing Teams

The role of the birth companion


Birth preferences

Positive birth videos

Physical and emotional prep.


Optimal position

Pelvic floor

Perineal massage

Bonding with bubba before birth

Estimated date for Delivery (E.D.D)


Special circumstances

Fear release

More positive birth videos

Early labour/Latent phase

7 Signs

First stage of labour

Birthing phase


Natural expulsive reflex

Birth breathing VS "PUSHING"


Stay calm techniques

Birthing of placenta, cord and membranes




Feeding and bonding 

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